Spring Cleaning on a Snow Day

February 23, 2013

I woke up today to more snow. It seems we get snow every other day. I went downstairs to start the laundry. I heard stomping and yelling up stairs. I figured a fight was breaking out. Nice way to start the morning, but it happens. When I got upstairs I found out they were happy shouts. School was cancelled, for real. My boys try to trick me and say it is cancelled sometimes when it isn’t. I checked online and it was for real.

I might have worked harder here today that I would have at work.

I took the plastic off the kitchen chairs. Hopefully at almost 9 and 11 the boys know the seat cushions aren’t napkins.

I put some French-door-window-pane things on the patio doors that have been in the basement since we moved in. C came up from from playing video games and said, “Whoa!” He noticed right away. I told him we’ll see if Dad notices. “Oh he will,” C said.

I scrubbed the kitchen floor and washed some rugs.

Then I cleaned two garbage bags full out of the pantry. The oldest thing in there expired in ’02 and there were lots things that expired in ’06 and ’07. My hubs likes to buy lots of fish batter there must have been 10 boxes of that in there. I also decided I could take the knife block out of the pantry and leave it on the counter. It has been in the pantry since I baby proofed the house ten years ago.

It may be a snow day but I feel like I just did some spring cleaning!

IEP Conference

February 11, 2013

Last week I had Mighty’s IEP conference. He has been in speech for exactly two years now. We got great news, his speech teacher is just about ready to release him from speech. She is going to check in with him once a month for fifteen minutes just to make sure he doesn’t regress. Then assuming everything goes well, he will be all done with speech by the end of third grade.

I found this video clip of Mighty just after he turned five years old. He is singing his preschool graduation song, “Kindergarten Here We Come!” You can really hear how he used to say his /R/ sounds when he says kindergarten and here.

I’m so proud of him.

Marshfield Tournament

January 21, 2013

marshfieldI just love this picture. Hubs took it on his iPod at the Marshfield Hockey Tournament. I stayed back to get C to his basketball tournament. Before they left I asked Hubs, “Do you want to take the camera or video camera?”

“Nope, I don’t want to be responsible for any of that stuff.”

I absolutely love the one picture he took.

Mighty has that hockey glow about him here.

Rosy cheeks…sweaty head…runny nose, Mighty looks happy but exhausted.

Not much to say

January 20, 2013

011C had his fourth basketball tournament this weekend. He has four more to go this season. In the four tournaments combined they only won two games.

I don’t really have much to say, but:

He is cute.

They’re building character.

People love them wherever they go. It reminds me of those shirts that say I’m so awesome even your mom cheers for me. Really, they get applause from the other teams parents.

002I had the day off today and I cleaned the entire house. I did a good job sanitizing everything from C being sick earlier this week. Mighty’s room is always the worst. He likes to write things on paper and cut up paper. He also hoards things; if he uses anything like the stapler or scissors they never find their way back to the kitchen, he just keeps them in his room.

Mighty left for a hockey tournament so he wasn’t there when I cleaned his room today. Usually when he is here I tell him to crawl under his bed and pull everything out from under there. I don’t fit under his bed and its a full-sized bed against a wall so my arms aren’t long enough either. I could have called my skinny-mini-C-boy upstairs but he’d complain so I exhaled and got as far under there as I could. I pulled out a whole pack of construction paper, lots of pencils, scissors, stapler, Chewy Dip bar wrapper and a bunch of CDs.

I looked over to the other side of the bed at what I just couldn’t reach. I saw a stuffed animal and a football and noticed his bed rail was completely cracked and dipping down! I was not happy at all. I don’t know if Mighty even knew it was like that.

I went to my file cabinet and tried to look for the receipt or manual from the bed rails. The boys’ crib converted into a full-sized bed and being the ‘baby’ with the biggest bedroom he got the big bed. I had an envelope full of baby items we no longer owned like the highchair, pack ‘n play, baby swings. Hmmm…Where do you think Mighty gets his hoarding habit from? The good news is I’m not a crazy hoarder, it was very easy to throw those baby gear manuals out.

The even better news is, I called The Lullaby Shop where I ordered the rails from over five years ago since Mighty is almost nine years old now. I gave the man my name he looked me up and said that he would order me a new rail free of charge! He said that it will take six weeks though. As long as Mighty’s bed doesn’t completely collapse before March, we should be OK. He hardly sleeps in it anyway.

It is so nice when a store and company stand behind their product!

007It seems like one of my boys would say something cute at least once a day for awhile. There were so many I wrote them all down. Those cute little sayings have become more few and far between in the last couple of years. C had a couple of them just lately though:

While standing at the meat counter at the grocery store, C asked, “Should we have our ham polished?” I looked at him confused and he pointed to a sign in the meat case that read Polish Ham.


They got new morning DJs on my favorite radio station. C knew this. He came in and laid on my bed as I was doing my hair and asked, “Is this Chuggs and Nikki?”


“Is that one that just talked Nikki?”

“That one there?”


“Yes it is”

“He sounds like a girl.”

“That’s because she is a girl.”

“Nikki is a girl name? Is Niki Minaj a girl?”


I guess he would have been surprised if he watched American Idol but he hasn’t because he had basketball practice the last two nights. In all fairness to him, I tried to think of a girl named Nichole that he would know but couldn’t think of anyone. He knows many more boys named Nick or Nicholas than girls named Nichole.

Nurse Mighty

January 16, 2013

004Saturday we all got up at 6 a.m. because C had a basketball tournament in Luxemburg, (WI, not the country). They only won one game, but one is better than none. That night while we were watching the Packer game I noticed C seemed to have less energy than usual and he was coughing. The boys went to bed about half-time. I went to bed when there was about nine minutes left and I knew the Packers didn’t have a chance. We were all really tired from getting up at 6 a.m.

The next morning I was talking to Hubs about C’s cough. I said, “He came in our room last night complaining his throat hurt too.”

“He did? I was out of it last night.”

“Yeah, me too. That’s why I asked Mighty to get him some medicine.”

“Mighty gave C medicine?”

“Yeah, he was laying on our floor (very normal for Mighty) when C came in. C didn’t know what kind of medicine he should take or how much so Mighty got it for him. I did look at the clock because I thought I should remember what time he took this at in case he comes back and asks for more.”

On Sunday C had a fever. He rested and watched lots of football.

Monday morning Mighty came and woke me up and told me he took C’s temperature five times and told me what it was each time. So C stayed home from school. I went to work because I knew C would be fine home and I only work five hours a day. I told him what he could have for lunch. I told him he could have more medicine at 12:30 or wait until I get home just. I said, “Do you know how to open this medicine?”

“Let me try…no I can’t.”

“How did you get it open Saturday night?”

“Mighty did it.”

C went back to school today. He only had 10 kids in his class today. I heard yesterday there were only seven kids there. I told C he needs to sanitize his iPod and Xbox controllers.

“How do I do that?”

“That’s easy, I’ll show him,” Mighty said.

My Mighty is just a nurturer.

Fifth Grade Projects

January 12, 2013

001C has been studying the Revolutionary War in Social Studies. He had to do a report on a topic from the Revolutionary War and a challenge project to go with it. C chose to do his on weapons of the Revolutionary War.

Hubs said he remembers he had to do a project on the Revolutionary War in fifth grade too and he did his on the Louisiana Purchase. He did a speech and it was so good he had to go on to a district event and give his speech again. After I was looking over a list of topics that C had, I remembered I did my fifth grade Revolutionary War project on Molly Pitcher. C had well over a month to work on his report and project. I don’t remember having that long. I remember copying something out of the World Book and changing a word here and there or changing a sentence structure so I wouldn’t be plagiarizing. Our teachers put great fear in us that we would go to jail if we plagiarized.

It doesn’t look like fifth grade projects have changed much in 26 years. If C has kids someday he can tell them about his awesome diorama he made.

Lucky but Embarrassing

January 3, 2013

009C has been on a lucky streak lately. Over winter break he went to a baseball clinic and won a ball signed by Randy Wolf and a hat.

For New Years Eve we went up to Green Bay and stayed at the Tundra Lodge and went to the Gamblers hockey game. As we were checking into the hotel I got a call from his dentist saying his name was drawn and he won the stuffed animal of the month. At the game, C caught a tennis ball that was thrown into the crowd. He had to take the ball to the Guest Services counter and it turned out he won five bucks!

After school I took C to pick up his prize he won at the dentist. They wanted him to come in too so that he could get his picture taken and be on the animal of the month wall.

He won the cutest reindeer and he handed it to Mighty to carry out. I asked him if he knew someone in the waiting room and he said no. Then we picked up pizzas next door. I left my car parked at the dentist and walked to the pizza place. That meant the reindeer had to come in. It was easier than taking the reindeer back to the car that was on the other side of the dentist office. C was too embarrassed to carry his reindeer in pizza place.

He is growing up and at that age where he gets easily embarrassed. Good thing I’m long past that stage. I had no problem carrying his reindeer and Mighty carried the pizzas.

Mite of the Nite

December 24, 2012

014Last night Mighty got to be the Mite of the Nite at the high school hockey game. Mighty got a tour of their locker room. He got to warm up on the ice with the high school boys. He even got to sit in on their pre-game meeting. He was introduced in their lineup and stayed out on the ice with the team during the National Anthem.

Once the game started he came back and watched it with us and his coaches were there with their boys. They won 5-3. It was a fun night for Mighty!


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